Concert Recordings

Tracks 1 -3 were live performances at the University of Maryland, Tawes Hall, as part of my senior voice recital.  Tracks 4-11 were performed at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, School of Music, April 12, 2000 as part of my doctoral program.

The first aria, Dove sei, amato bene (Where art thou, my beloved) is an aria composed by George Frideric Handel, a composer who knew the human voice very well and was a genius at writing beautiful melodies that expressed all the emotions and vulnerabilities of the characters through their singing.


Isobel and Friends

  1. Laudamus Te
  2. Fac ut portem
  3. Esurientes
  4. Liber Scriptus
  5. Recordare
  6. Nahandove
  7. Aoua!
  8. Il est doux
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